Constance the start.

We’re two clowns

So here we go, after fixing things at home. I’m off to Constance. After arriving the first thing I did, was buying two clown noses. Thorsten the store owner wished me a great camino. I went to buy some food (some carrots, oatmeal and ricemilk). And then I went back to take this picture celebrating the start. I was patiently waiting for some people to walk by so I could ask them to take a picture of me and Shawn. Thank you dear strangers.

The ~3 hours I walked went by quick. In that time I also went into a church and asked/wished for safe travels for me and others.

Now I put up my tent and it’s very cozy and warm. I found a great place to put up my tent. Picture of it follows tomorrow.

Moon lighting up my way.

I loved connecting with the night. I a bit worried about the weight of my backpack, it’s quite heavy…

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