Sleep Better With Yoga

15 Min Yoga Right Before Bed

This video will make you sleep better.
The video holds it’s promise, but you need to work for it. Because the video needs to be boring, because what we want to achieve is sleep.
And we won’t achieve sleep if we are super interested or excited about what’s coming next.

So I thought that maybe, it wasn’t a good idea to make the intro that interesting and then change it rather quickly to a practice that is deep (but possibly difficult to bear for beginners) without making a remark.

Another thought that arised was that maybe this video should be behind a paywall, because in one way, if somebody pays for it, then the expectation of the video is automatically higher (Plus the worth is clear).
What I mean is that for the typical Youtube User this video will be very uncomfortable, because it really needs you to work for it.
Still the video is interesting, it’s recorded directly out of my spaceship plus there is even some music guiding you further.

So enjoy the video, and I wish you the most pleasent sleep.


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