From snails to flies.

How it all started? With rain and snails. Couldn’t enter church it was too early… But I could enter this church in Autigny in the afternoon – looks great? Yes, only at first sight. After some minutes of me sitting there, a sound appears : “bzzzzzzzzzz” really loud. I started to investigate. It wasn’t obvious… Continue reading From snails to flies.

Just another day (long)

Tired. Sleeping in a tent for the second night I hope I can find a lovely place to stay for tomorrow. We are now some kilometers in front of Fribourg (the one in switzerland). It’s warm in the tent. My eyes were already shut multiple times. Buen Camino!

Dipping in lake thun

In the morning Daz and I had a super sugary breakfast. I threw in a lot of fuel. Before going over to Spiez I went for a short dip into lake thun. Set up the tent and had some polenta with local cheese. Went from Interlaken to 1 km before Wattenwil. Buen Camino!

A little slower please

Bürglen to Brienzwiler hostel – a short way to recuperate. During the short way I met the first pilgrims: Daniela and another Marcel that were recognizing/planning for a trip with a group. At Brienzwiler Ruth the hostel host gave me some ointment for me knee and the foot. Carina and Silke two other pilgrims joined… Continue reading A little slower please

My ankle is swollen

Today I went from Ennetmoos to Bürglen. Well the highlight of today was this truly exceptional family that took care of me. With food and very interesting discussions! I think I need to elevate my legs a bit… Plus I need to charge the electronics. Good night.

A sunny day

Was fun to talk with sister Doris Maria in the morning. She gave me a lot of food for breakfast. Finally I managed to get rid off some books (weight). I also managed to cook the rest of the eggs I bought a long time ago. On the track I was sitting by myself on… Continue reading A sunny day