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Handstands on another level

I’m in deep gratitued for all the people that helped me create this video, it wouldn’t have been possible without you. I hope it will help even more people to progress towards handstand and learn more about it!

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Open your heart with yoga.

A big thanks to Raffaela for participating in this heart opening Yoga Lesson. Watch out it’s an intermediate lesson, it will start slow but it will pack a punch later on. With that said, from the bottom of my heart, enjoy all of the backbends.Blessings and hugs, Marcel

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Sleep Better With Yoga

This video will make you sleep better.The video holds it’s promise, but you need to work for it. Because the video needs to be boring, because what we want to achieve is sleep.And we won’t achieve sleep if we are super interested or excited about what’s coming next. So I thought that maybe, it wasn’t… Continue reading Sleep Better With Yoga


I felt the need to tackle perfectionism and learn more about it. Because I feel the need to do things close to perfection sometimes. It was an interesting experience, as I also discovered that telling yourself that you are not good enough is connected to perfectionism. Which is easy to see. I also discovered the… Continue reading Perfectionism


I do think that enabling minimalism in my life, is something that held me back for a long time. It might not be what you need right now – but for me it feels like the right thing to do. It’s very interesting to me, as literally nobody is talking about it anymore. I wondered… Continue reading Minimalism

It’s ok not to be ok

Bad vibes are allowed here. Take care of yourself in an absolute loving way and reach out for help. It’s crucial to understand that compared to women, men have the tendency to not reach out for help (men take much longer than women to ask for help). There are these things called women or men… Continue reading It’s ok not to be ok


“Alignment” is in my opinion very important. Why? Because it decides if your life is to a high degree effortless and enjoyable (I’m not saying your life isn’t challenging, most likely it is very challenging but manageable (a feeling of effortless) because you are in alignment). But what is alignment? Alignment means “aiming at a… Continue reading Alignment

Camino Packing Guide

How To Pack For The Camino De Santiago? Learn what to bring for the Camino. Camino Packing Checklist included. We cover also some tips for the Camino so your backpacking adventure will be a success! This Video will help you to pack for the Camino de Santiago and will also give you advice on how… Continue reading Camino Packing Guide

One Rule

One rule might be to work only to a certain time in the evening so you can recharge for tomorrow and not burn out. But if you are doing that, what should you do after work? What are you doing to recharge? – Doing easy things.– Doing things you are excited about.– Doing things that… Continue reading One Rule