Handstands on another level

Salvatore Daniele, my first Yoga Teacher

I’m in deep gratitued for all the people that helped me create this video, it wouldn’t have been possible without you. I hope it will help even more people to progress towards handstand and learn more about it!

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Open your heart with yoga.

A big thanks to Raffaela for participating in this heart opening Yoga Lesson. Watch out it’s an intermediate lesson, it will start slow but it will pack a punch later on. With that said, from the bottom of my heart, enjoy all of the backbends.
Blessings and hugs, Marcel

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Sleep Better With Yoga

15 Min Yoga Right Before Bed

This video will make you sleep better.
The video holds it’s promise, but you need to work for it. Because the video needs to be boring, because what we want to achieve is sleep.
And we won’t achieve sleep if we are super interested or excited about what’s coming next.

So I thought that maybe, it wasn’t a good idea to make the intro that interesting and then change it rather quickly to a practice that is deep (but possibly difficult to bear for beginners) without making a remark.

Another thought that arised was that maybe this video should be behind a paywall, because in one way, if somebody pays for it, then the expectation of the video is automatically higher (Plus the worth is clear).
What I mean is that for the typical Youtube User this video will be very uncomfortable, because it really needs you to work for it.
Still the video is interesting, it’s recorded directly out of my spaceship plus there is even some music guiding you further.

So enjoy the video, and I wish you the most pleasent sleep.



I felt the need to tackle perfectionism and learn more about it. Because I feel the need to do things close to perfection sometimes. It was an interesting experience, as I also discovered that telling yourself that you are not good enough is connected to perfectionism. Which is easy to see.

I also discovered the underlying issue is that maybe I can’t deal with criticism correctly. If you are interested in what just wrote checkout the 40 second video, it will explain it better than just text.

Buen Camino Marcel!


I do think that enabling minimalism in my life, is something that held me back for a long time.

It might not be what you need right now – but for me it feels like the right thing to do.

It’s very interesting to me, as literally nobody is talking about it anymore. I wondered why that is, and I came to the conclusion, that a) it’s difficult.
b) people that have enabled it (use it), are more invisible about it, as they left public platforms, as they are leading a minimalist lifestyle.
c) people that do it consume less! (which is not what the current environment wants – the current environment wants you to consume as much as you can, therefore the information you or anybody else provides isn’t what other people want to spread naturally).

Minimalism is in my opinion just the next step to bring even more harmony (order) in ones life. So that after creating harmony, you can invite more chaos in your life.

I’m scared of it in one way, in another way I need to make a plan so I can really invite it into my life. Again this is not like a full out from 0 to 100 thing, but I need to investigate what feels correct for me.

As with everything it’s a balancing act. Buen Camino!

It’s ok not to be ok

Bad vibes are allowed here.

Take care of yourself in an absolute loving way and reach out for help.

It’s crucial to understand that compared to women, men have the tendency to not reach out for help (men take much longer than women to ask for help).

There are these things called women or men circles. Circles where people come together speaking deeply and sharing deeply about there experiences. (There are many women circles, but only few men circles in time of this writing). I’m not comparing these circles to professional help (but they could be a first great step). What I think is that something incredibly healthy has been missing for a long time, something that we’ve been doing for a very long time: “sitting around a bonfire and telling stories to each other, or telling how you are feeling about something”.

I feel the deep urge within me to restart the men circle I decided to pause in the middle of the year.


“Alignment” is in my opinion very important. Why? Because it decides if your life is to a high degree effortless and enjoyable (I’m not saying your life isn’t challenging, most likely it is very challenging but manageable (a feeling of effortless) because you are in alignment).

But what is alignment? Alignment means “aiming at a certain direction with your whole being” or in other words “you are following your truth honoring your being of the future”. It enables us to distinguish and reflect between when you are being authentic and when you are not.
– Do you have a body that is aligned in this moment?
– Are you doing things that are aligned?
– Are your biggest goals in your life aligned?
– Are your thoughts aligned?

If you look above, the body can be aligned as well as the thoughts can be aligned. I can tell you from experience that if you are connected to one, it’s going to be easier to connect to the other. Let me explain so everybody can follow.

If you are aligned within your body, one might stand upright, proud and humble (or however that looks for you). Then reconnecting to your thoughts, your thoughts will take over the quality of this alignment. The same goes the other direction (from thoughts to body).

To make this experience is quite extraordinary and wonderful.

Furthermore it’s then important to feel when you are without that feeling of alignment in one aspect and then to ask and reflect yourself why that is.

Buen Camino!

Camino Packing Guide

How To Pack For The Camino De Santiago? Learn what to bring for the Camino. Camino Packing Checklist included. We cover also some tips for the Camino so your backpacking adventure will be a success!

Packing List For The Camino De Santiago!

This Video will help you to pack for the Camino de Santiago and will also give you advice on how to walk without blisters. The Video shall fill you up with courage for your upcoming beautiful adventure.

The camino gear list includes optional elements that I took with me, as I wanted to be able to use a tent. In the camino packing list they are marked in a different color, so you can easily decide if you want to go with a tent or without one.

Preparing for the camino de santiago should be easy with this video, and the ressources in this description. If you have further questions write in the comments below! I will reply to each of them!

Don’t forget the small stone from your hometown for “the Cruz de Ferro” on the camino frances (Pilgrims carry a stone from home symbolizing their sins, which they leave behind at the Cruz de Ferro).

Buen Camino!

One Rule

One rule might be to work only to a certain time in the evening so you can recharge for tomorrow and not burn out.

But if you are doing that, what should you do after work? What are you doing to recharge?
– Doing easy things.
– Doing things you are excited about.
– Doing things that fulfill you.
– Maybe planning the next day?
– How about nothing.

I do think rules are incredibly important, I myself do struggle to find the rules that really work out for me. I do think it’s part of the journey.

Buen Camino!


Sometimes I have these big ideas and I just can’t manage to get there as fast as I’d like.

Remembering then that if one is going into the right direction at that person will arrive at one point. (Or you increase the chance that you will arrive)

Does it then matter how fast you arrived there? Maybe it matters because you are merely goal focused. Maybe it matters so you can do the next thing and continue to try to get as quickly as possible to the next thing and so on.

Another way would involve setting rules for your life so you can enjoy life within a set of boundaries. And these rules need to be hard rules, that you obey by even if you don’t like to. So you don’t ever need to think about trying to reach your goal as fast as possible – you just are on it naturally in balance.

What could such supporting hard rules be for you?

Buen Camino!