Two more nights until camino

On the way to meet one of my old friends before going on the camino.

Hi! This blog will help me to give you further informations about the journey on the camino de santiago. Starting in Constance this wednesday, going all the way down to Santiago de Compostela.

I’m freaking nervous, I always tell people, if you are nervous about something, then there is meaning behind what you are doing. It’s important.

Why is nervousness a pointer to meaning?

Some part of my life I didn’t manage to get nervous anymore from things I used to get nervous from. So I’ve become used to it. It’s nothing special anymore or in other words, it wasn’t aligned with goals in my life. (We are not talking here about blatantly stupid things that make you nervous, but things that are important which make you nervous.)

What does it mean if you are not nervous?

Nervousness is one hell of energy source, if you don’t have it in your life, then you occasionally should search for some kind of thing that makes you nervous. In other words leaving your comfort zone. Some examples might be playing theatre, public speaking, writing, taking a silly picture/cold shower or going on the camino de santiago.

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