Swiss- French Border

The church after the cathedral was beautiful
All the candles were lighted!

Today I walked with Judith and Lukas the Rest of the way to the swiss- french border (we even met some spanish teachers, that want to inspire their students a bit and were preparing a 1 day trip on the camino de santiago.

Top to bottom Dragons: Shawn, no more dragons.

After we ate in france and headed back to geneva. A lot of people spoke to me – somebody even invited me to eat something at their favourite Falafel place (I accepted). After eating with Floriane I boarded the train. I’m now recapping all the experiences I made meanwhile 2 weeks.

That’s it I had enough, as much as I love to go further I can’t. I need a break. (Shawn the dragon, my little sidekick understands and supports the decision )

I will listen to my heart. It’s been an achievement going by foot through the whole of switzerland (+2 ships and 1 elevator from a hostel). I’m proud, grateful and humble.

It’s time to reflect upon the things learnt. It’s time to look forward. I’ll publish my learnings here from tomorrow onwards.

Buen Camino!

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