!Secret Recipe!

Christine the host at Lully gave me a super great recipe for breakfast – see below (it’s in french)

Wonderful recipe created by France Guillain
I like it most when they write it with the “x km”

To be honest I think about taking a break at geneva. Here are some reasons why:

1. I have already so many thoughts on what I need to do urgently and I’m now carrying these thoughts around with me step by step. (It’s heavy)

2. There aren’t many people

3. It’s pitch black at 6 PM

Why I shouldn’t stop?

1. It’ll be harder to make time for it in the future (e.g. Silke and Carina)

2. I said to many people that I’m doing this… (I’m doing it but just not now…)

I’m still unsure, let’s sleep over it – tomorrow Lukas and Judith will come and visit, should be super fun!

Buen Camino!

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