Saying bye.

Wuscheli and my finger

It’s refreshing to really say bye. In my opinion it’s important.

Everytime we go to bed, we don’t know if we ever wake up again. Everytime we meet somebody we meet them for the last time, because we are changing.

It’s scary so better use your chance and say bye and embrace each other giving yourself and the other the chance to change.

On a sidenote that’s also why it’s important to really say hello.

– in the picture you see Wuscheli our 20 year old cat. 20 years ago I was visiting Wuscheli’s mother, Wuscheli and Tigi + 2 of her siblings every day after school. I was another person back then. But this younger self is still within me, and I’m still deeply fascinated by cats. As I’m going away for most likely a half year, I said bye. Wuscheli’s stance is getting weaker,, she still purrs and does all in all very well for her age.

Is it the final time we see each other? Yes maybe.

But coming back to make my point: shouldn’t we treat more of these kind of events as ‘yes maybe it’s the final time?’

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