Just another day (long)

Shawn meeting other mystical creatures.
The shell is pointing to the wrong side…
Already dark again, we still walk.
Taking a break.

Tired. Sleeping in a tent for the second night I hope I can find a lovely place to stay for tomorrow. We are now some kilometers in front of Fribourg (the one in switzerland). It’s warm in the tent. My eyes were already shut multiple times. Buen Camino!

Dipping in lake thun

In the morning Daz and I had a super sugary breakfast. I threw in a lot of fuel.

On the Ship “Beatus” from Merligen to Spiez

Before going over to Spiez I went for a short dip into lake thun.

Set up the tent and had some polenta with local cheese.

Went from Interlaken to 1 km before Wattenwil. Buen Camino!

A small change with a big impact

One miracle of a day in Interlaken

Since I sewed the shell logo from the camino de santiago to the front of my pants people started to act differently. The mistake that I made was having the shell just on my backpack.

So today literally so many (I think 3) people approached me and told me their stories of their camino.

Cat pictures from today because I love cats.

Arriving in the hostel I met Daz. a very cool guy that sailed around the world and has written books about it. We drunk beers and just hung out for bit. You can check his webpage out here: DAZTAIT.COM

At the restaurant later I met with Roland and Nadine who are just finishing their father-daughter camino trip. They told me I shall try out some monasteries; I will! Thank you. (The food was good but it wasn’t enough I hope there will be some good breakfast.)

Some old swiss money Roland had in his wallet.

Went from Brienzwiler to Interlaken today. I’m tired. Buen Camino.

A little slower please

Church in Lungern
Brienzwiler Hostel

Bürglen to Brienzwiler hostel – a short way to recuperate. During the short way I met the first pilgrims: Daniela and another Marcel that were recognizing/planning for a trip with a group.

At Brienzwiler Ruth the hostel host gave me some ointment for me knee and the foot.

Carina and Silke two other pilgrims joined us a little later and we had some great swiss Rösti with cheese. We also had some wonderful cake. The weather was super beautiful and we enjoyed the sun.

I also designed my logo that I can leave in guestbooks plus I sewed the logo of the shell of the “camino de santiago” on to my pants.

Logo from Marcel and Shawn
Logo of the camino de santiago

My ankle is swollen

I need to slow down. Now.
Shawn takes good care of the shell!
Warming up water to create mashed potatos.
I love it. View from bed.

Today I went from Ennetmoos to Bürglen.

Well the highlight of today was this truly exceptional family that took care of me. With food and very interesting discussions!

I think I need to elevate my legs a bit…

Plus I need to charge the electronics. Good night.

A sunny day

Feet are up.
Best church so far! Ridlikirche.
Dinner is ready. Eggs, that’s it.
Tent is also on the camino.

Was fun to talk with sister Doris Maria in the morning. She gave me a lot of food for breakfast.

Finally I managed to get rid off some books (weight). I also managed to cook the rest of the eggs I bought a long time ago.

On the track I was sitting by myself on a bench, I wanted to shout out very loud, as loud as I could. So I did. I kid you not after ~10 seconds there where steps behind me. I invited them to sit with me on that far off bench and we had a pleasant chat.

Other than that me and Shawn are doing great. He’s a good walking buddy even if he doesn’t walk. (Quest for tomorrow: get a good picture of Shawn).

Good night!

Boring – I guess this is part of the journey.

Up we go – leeeet’s go

It was quite steep some people came by as I started going up and they told me :”oh this is going on for a while”. We laughed it off.

On top
What goes up must come down.
Small churches are cool, big churches suck.

Schwyz is crazy, I walked literally some meters and you see the next three churches and so on. They are everywhere…

In my opinion big churches feel oppressive meanwhile small churches have charm to them.

Obvious highlight of the day.

So there were some hump balls (why are they called hump balls, why not hay balls…) and they had sad faces on them. So yeah definitely highlight of the day, even if slightly sad.

Well it’s quite damn lonely… So I decided to head to another pilgrim place to meet some of them. So now I sleep alone in a room that is for four.

At least I could talk a bit with Sister Doris Maria. She suggested to me a pizza place. So basically god told me to eat pizza… deal!

And it was heavenly.

And I started reading that one book, I actually bought for somebody else but never had the chance to really hand over. And damn that book might be exactly what I was looking for.

From Steg to Einsiedeln

Wanted to sleep in the monastery but it was full, so I head over to the wonderful Hotel Sonne and enjoy my first bed here as well as great breakfast tomorrow.

It’s great as a lot of my things including my sleeping bag are wet. So I laid them out in my single room to dry.

Biggest mistake so far is buying eggs and not using them. I wanted to make a fire yesterday and this morning but the conditions just didn’t allow. This morning it was too cold and at noon I didn’t find any good place with firewood. So I just kept going. Until I had the idea to make it in time to the monastery Einsiedeln, but it was full already.

Plan for tomorrow is to recuperate and put everything in order with my backpack. And finally find a good place to boil some eggs :)!

If you mess with the bull you’ll get the horns.
Just open the eyes everything is beautiful

Castle Ruin Schleichenrain to a fireplace after Hörnli


It rained as I started at 7:00 and kept going until slightly after noon. I was very glad I had a poncho with me. Thank you for that present it saved my day.

The signs are frequent – a good thing.
They call me the cow whisperer

The cows seemed mesmerized by the red color. Maybe my dancing, singing and whistling helped as well.

Church Fischingen – it’s huge … for that small town
Buying eggs and more

I found my sleeping spot quite late and I decided to make scrambled eggs in the morning … Wish me luck, because making a fire could be problematic, as everything is wet here. Buen camino!

Constance the start.

We’re two clowns

So here we go, after fixing things at home. I’m off to Constance. After arriving the first thing I did, was buying two clown noses. Thorsten the store owner wished me a great camino. I went to buy some food (some carrots, oatmeal and ricemilk). And then I went back to take this picture celebrating the start. I was patiently waiting for some people to walk by so I could ask them to take a picture of me and Shawn. Thank you dear strangers.

The ~3 hours I walked went by quick. In that time I also went into a church and asked/wished for safe travels for me and others.

Now I put up my tent and it’s very cozy and warm. I found a great place to put up my tent. Picture of it follows tomorrow.

Moon lighting up my way.

I loved connecting with the night. I a bit worried about the weight of my backpack, it’s quite heavy…