Sometimes I have these big ideas and I just can’t manage to get there as fast as I’d like. Remembering then that if one is going into the right direction at that person will arrive at one point. (Or you increase the chance that you will arrive) Does it then matter how fast you arrived… Continue reading Sometimes


Be bored, let there be space – something incredibly difficult to do. Because we have that phone with us. Enabling us easily to never be bored. Even without the phone we learnt to entertain us. Thinking all the time. Doing something all the time. Maybe we’re scared to see what would happen if we stop.… Continue reading Bored!

Another view

Today I watched the movie “Saint-Jacques… La Mecque” (in german: Pilgern auf Französisch). A lovely french comedy that tries to portray what “the camino” is about and does so very well. Definitely a lovely french movie. Buen Camino!

Swiss- French Border

Today I walked with Judith and Lukas the Rest of the way to the swiss- french border (we even met some spanish teachers, that want to inspire their students a bit and were preparing a 1 day trip on the camino de santiago. After we ate in france and headed back to geneva. A lot… Continue reading Swiss- French Border

Nyon to Geneva

I ate so much this evening… I didn’t eat enough yesterday. Right now I’m lIng in bed wanting to finally close my eyes instead of Lukas and Judith a couple and two friends of mine came visiting today. Lukas walked with me and Judith came later to the hostel. I decided that I had enough.… Continue reading Nyon to Geneva

!Secret Recipe!

Christine the host at Lully gave me a super great recipe for breakfast – see below (it’s in french) To be honest I think about taking a break at geneva. Here are some reasons why: 1. I have already so many thoughts on what I need to do urgently and I’m now carrying these thoughts… Continue reading !Secret Recipe!

Lausanne to Lully

Today I managed to clean out my backpack some more and sent the tripod back that I thought would be handy… I bought a belt for my pants as my pants loosened up respectively the size of my ass went down. I also bought terrain attachment for the walking sticks – oh damn they were… Continue reading Lausanne to Lully

Rest day

I wanted to write the blog post yesterday, I just felt super tired. Even after a whole rest day. So it’s now morning 7:00 AM and our journey continues after staying a day in lausanne. I was doing a lot of things. Made groceries and restocked my backpack, made pizza, repaired holes in my pants,… Continue reading Rest day