Finding the routine – walk.

The interesting thing on the camino de santiago is, that you have one single goal. This single goal is going to Santiago de Compostella. To reach that goal, you need to walk. That’s it.

Why is this interesting?

Because if you can determine what bigger goals you have in life you only must do that thing that gets you closer to reach that goal. You must walk.

But what if you don’t walk or do whatever you need to do to get closer to your goal? Even if your goal is clear to you?

Maybe you realize that you only have control over your body. You don’t have complete control over other people. Maybe you never reach your goal, no matter how hard you try because it depends on other people. Chance might be involved as well to a high degree.

So what do you do – do you take the chance and try, or do you let it slip, because you are afraid to fail? Afraid to not be able to make your dreams come true?

I wrote a children book and I’m proud I did

It’s up to you. Buen Camino!

Recipe (now translated) for you!

Miam o fruit!

Glass 1: grind the sesame and flax (flaxseed) in equal parts
Glass 2: Finely grind oil seeds: 3 different … sunflower squash, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, macadamia, Brazil nuts

Do not store glasses longer than 1 week.
Mash 1/2 a banana with a fork.
Emulsify 2 tablespoons of rapeseed or linseed oil with the banana.

2 tablespoons of glass 1
1 leveled glass spoon 2.Juice of 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon.
Add 3 types of fruit cut into pieces.
Add honey

Juice of 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon.
Add 3 types of fruit cut into pieces.
Add honey

It’s delicious! Giving you energy for an extraordinary camino – buen camino!


Be bored, let there be space – something incredibly difficult to do. Because we have that phone with us. Enabling us easily to never be bored.

Be bored

Even without the phone we learnt to entertain us. Thinking all the time. Doing something all the time. Maybe we’re scared to see what would happen if we stop.

So let’s stop. Buen Camino!

Another view

Today I watched the movie “Saint-Jacques… La Mecque” (in german: Pilgern auf Französisch). A lovely french comedy that tries to portray what “the camino” is about and does so very well.

Quick scene switches where used in the movie from 2005

Definitely a lovely french movie. Buen Camino!

Swiss- French Border

The church after the cathedral was beautiful
All the candles were lighted!

Today I walked with Judith and Lukas the Rest of the way to the swiss- french border (we even met some spanish teachers, that want to inspire their students a bit and were preparing a 1 day trip on the camino de santiago.

Top to bottom Dragons: Shawn, no more dragons.

After we ate in france and headed back to geneva. A lot of people spoke to me – somebody even invited me to eat something at their favourite Falafel place (I accepted). After eating with Floriane I boarded the train. I’m now recapping all the experiences I made meanwhile 2 weeks.

That’s it I had enough, as much as I love to go further I can’t. I need a break. (Shawn the dragon, my little sidekick understands and supports the decision )

I will listen to my heart. It’s been an achievement going by foot through the whole of switzerland (+2 ships and 1 elevator from a hostel). I’m proud, grateful and humble.

It’s time to reflect upon the things learnt. It’s time to look forward. I’ll publish my learnings here from tomorrow onwards.

Buen Camino!

Nyon to Geneva

Only one more step and almost there.
Lukas joined, we went swimming.
Arriving in Geneva, a lot of people!

I ate so much this evening… I didn’t eat enough yesterday. Right now I’m lIng in bed wanting to finally close my eyes instead of

Lukas and Judith a couple and two friends of mine came visiting today. Lukas walked with me and Judith came later to the hostel.

I decided that I had enough. Two weeks walking as I did is a lot. Still one half of me wishes to push through and keep on going and the other half needs to go back. This dilemma can by taken care of my needs so I can completely enjoy the experience. When I will continue…

But first, tomorrow we’ll go over the boarder to say hi to france.

Buen Camino!

!Secret Recipe!

Christine the host at Lully gave me a super great recipe for breakfast – see below (it’s in french)

Wonderful recipe created by France Guillain
I like it most when they write it with the “x km”

To be honest I think about taking a break at geneva. Here are some reasons why:

1. I have already so many thoughts on what I need to do urgently and I’m now carrying these thoughts around with me step by step. (It’s heavy)

2. There aren’t many people

3. It’s pitch black at 6 PM

Why I shouldn’t stop?

1. It’ll be harder to make time for it in the future (e.g. Silke and Carina)

2. I said to many people that I’m doing this… (I’m doing it but just not now…)

I’m still unsure, let’s sleep over it – tomorrow Lukas and Judith will come and visit, should be super fun!

Buen Camino!

Lausanne to Lully

Today I managed to clean out my backpack some more and sent the tripod back that I thought would be handy… I bought a belt for my pants as my pants loosened up respectively the size of my ass went down. I also bought terrain attachment for the walking sticks – oh damn they were necessary, as it was so hard walking without them on the street. Now it works like a breeze.

It was also great to speak with Christine my host for this evening. I really enjoy private hosts so far, it’s always exciting to what kind of people you meet and in what kind of houses they are living!

Putting on the poncho and you smile 🙂
The rest of the 2 pizzas I made (mushroom & broccoli)
Arriving in Lully
New stick attachment, new belt

Buen Camino!

Rest day

I wanted to write the blog post yesterday, I just felt super tired. Even after a whole rest day. So it’s now morning 7:00 AM and our journey continues after staying a day in lausanne.

I was doing a lot of things. Made groceries and restocked my backpack, made pizza, repaired holes in my pants, gave a massage to my feet did some exercises for the knees, packed up everything that I needed, talked with Leo and Pietro, wrote a lot with people and even streamed a bit.

picture from the bathroom that is so mesmerising
Fixing holes in my pants, probably came from the fire.

Buen Camino!

C’est surréaliste

Carina and Silke from Brienzwiler

I finally caught up with Carina and Silke. We walked/talked together for about 16 km. This was in Moudon where they stopped their Camino … to be continued!

And suddenly after walking for a long time you see a place that you know, even though it changed… the memories are still there.
Chez mes anciens coloc

Incredibly long day, I’m super exhausted. Had some other plans on where to sleep until I found out that the coloc where I departed from 8 years ago still existed. They welcomed me with open arms. I feel super grateful to have had the possibility to reconnect with Leo and Pietro and asked them how they are doing…

I travelled from Romont to Lausanne, about 38km. It was a lot. Buen Camino.