From Steg to Einsiedeln

Wanted to sleep in the monastery but it was full, so I head over to the wonderful Hotel Sonne and enjoy my first bed here as well as great breakfast tomorrow.

It’s great as a lot of my things including my sleeping bag are wet. So I laid them out in my single room to dry.

Biggest mistake so far is buying eggs and not using them. I wanted to make a fire yesterday and this morning but the conditions just didn’t allow. This morning it was too cold and at noon I didn’t find any good place with firewood. So I just kept going. Until I had the idea to make it in time to the monastery Einsiedeln, but it was full already.

Plan for tomorrow is to recuperate and put everything in order with my backpack. And finally find a good place to boil some eggs :)!

If you mess with the bull you’ll get the horns.
Just open the eyes everything is beautiful

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