From snails to flies.

How it all started? With rain and snails.

Good morning snails
Good morning Fribourg.

Couldn’t enter church it was too early…

The fly church in Autigny (different church from above)

But I could enter this church in Autigny in the afternoon – looks great? Yes, only at first sight. After some minutes of me sitting there, a sound appears : “bzzzzzzzzzz” really loud. I started to investigate. It wasn’t obvious at first… But after seeing that strange device on the wall and then looking down on the floor seeing everywhere dead and half dead flies crawling around… 2+2=4 , fly torture device in church in Autigny.

Unbelievably loud fly torture device
Arriving in Romont.

Today I’m sleeping at a proper house. How privileged! We had a lovely chat although in french. Buen Camino.

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