Finding the routine – walk.

The interesting thing on the camino de santiago is, that you have one single goal. This single goal is going to Santiago de Compostella. To reach that goal, you need to walk. That’s it.

Why is this interesting?

Because if you can determine what bigger goals you have in life you only must do that thing that gets you closer to reach that goal. You must walk.

But what if you don’t walk or do whatever you need to do to get closer to your goal? Even if your goal is clear to you?

Maybe you realize that you only have control over your body. You don’t have complete control over other people. Maybe you never reach your goal, no matter how hard you try because it depends on other people. Chance might be involved as well to a high degree.

So what do you do – do you take the chance and try, or do you let it slip, because you are afraid to fail? Afraid to not be able to make your dreams come true?

I wrote a children book and I’m proud I did

It’s up to you. Buen Camino!

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