Boring – I guess this is part of the journey.

Up we go – leeeet’s go

It was quite steep some people came by as I started going up and they told me :”oh this is going on for a while”. We laughed it off.

On top
What goes up must come down.
Small churches are cool, big churches suck.

Schwyz is crazy, I walked literally some meters and you see the next three churches and so on. They are everywhere…

In my opinion big churches feel oppressive meanwhile small churches have charm to them.

Obvious highlight of the day.

So there were some hump balls (why are they called hump balls, why not hay balls…) and they had sad faces on them. So yeah definitely highlight of the day, even if slightly sad.

Well it’s quite damn lonely… So I decided to head to another pilgrim place to meet some of them. So now I sleep alone in a room that is for four.

At least I could talk a bit with Sister Doris Maria. She suggested to me a pizza place. So basically god told me to eat pizza… deal!

And it was heavenly.

And I started reading that one book, I actually bought for somebody else but never had the chance to really hand over. And damn that book might be exactly what I was looking for.

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