“Alignment” is in my opinion very important. Why? Because it decides if your life is to a high degree effortless and enjoyable (I’m not saying your life isn’t challenging, most likely it is very challenging but manageable (a feeling of effortless) because you are in alignment).

But what is alignment? Alignment means “aiming at a certain direction with your whole being” or in other words “you are following your truth honoring your being of the future”. It enables us to distinguish and reflect between when you are being authentic and when you are not.
– Do you have a body that is aligned in this moment?
– Are you doing things that are aligned?
– Are your biggest goals in your life aligned?
– Are your thoughts aligned?

If you look above, the body can be aligned as well as the thoughts can be aligned. I can tell you from experience that if you are connected to one, it’s going to be easier to connect to the other. Let me explain so everybody can follow.

If you are aligned within your body, one might stand upright, proud and humble (or however that looks for you). Then reconnecting to your thoughts, your thoughts will take over the quality of this alignment. The same goes the other direction (from thoughts to body).

To make this experience is quite extraordinary and wonderful.

Furthermore it’s then important to feel when you are without that feeling of alignment in one aspect and then to ask and reflect yourself why that is.

Buen Camino!

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