A sunny day

Feet are up.
Best church so far! Ridlikirche.
Dinner is ready. Eggs, that’s it.
Tent is also on the camino.

Was fun to talk with sister Doris Maria in the morning. She gave me a lot of food for breakfast.

Finally I managed to get rid off some books (weight). I also managed to cook the rest of the eggs I bought a long time ago.

On the track I was sitting by myself on a bench, I wanted to shout out very loud, as loud as I could. So I did. I kid you not after ~10 seconds there where steps behind me. I invited them to sit with me on that far off bench and we had a pleasant chat.

Other than that me and Shawn are doing great. He’s a good walking buddy even if he doesn’t walk. (Quest for tomorrow: get a good picture of Shawn).

Good night!

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