A small change with a big impact

One miracle of a day in Interlaken

Since I sewed the shell logo from the camino de santiago to the front of my pants people started to act differently. The mistake that I made was having the shell just on my backpack.

So today literally so many (I think 3) people approached me and told me their stories of their camino.

Cat pictures from today because I love cats.

Arriving in the hostel I met Daz. a very cool guy that sailed around the world and has written books about it. We drunk beers and just hung out for bit. You can check his webpage out here: DAZTAIT.COM

At the restaurant later I met with Roland and Nadine who are just finishing their father-daughter camino trip. They told me I shall try out some monasteries; I will! Thank you. (The food was good but it wasn’t enough I hope there will be some good breakfast.)

Some old swiss money Roland had in his wallet.

Went from Brienzwiler to Interlaken today. I’m tired. Buen Camino.

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